Ordering and Paying for PRE-SELL Products: The purchaser agrees to purchase and pay in full for pre-sell products at the advertised price when the order is submitted. Price adjustments are not made if the price changes after the order is placed. No refunds will be given for any fluctuation in price (just as well will not charge you more later if the price climbs before the product is released).  WE DO NOT offer a deposit option for pre-sells.  In order to lock in availability and price as you see it now on the listing, you must add it to the cart and complete your order with payment in full.  By choosing to not complete your pre-order now, realize that the price may increase before your next visit, or availability may become more limited or have sold out completely.  Earlier prices and availability will not be honored UNLESS you completed your pre-order transaction.  All pre-orders are non-refundable.  By locking in the price with a pre-order, we may adjust our standing order with the manufacturer to which we are then obligated to purchase that additional product on your behalf.  If you desire to pre-order a full case or cases of wax products, you will need to contact us first by following the instructions in the listing for the product you are interested in.

Availability of Pre-Sell Products:  Each listing will include an expected release date for that product.  The date we enter is provided by the manufacturer and is subject to change at any time.  When placing a Pre-Order with us, you understand the date of release may change (and perhaps more than once), and agree to wait until the product is ultimately released.  We will ship your Pre-Order items on the same day of official release.  If you chose to pick it up from us, you may do so on the day of release or after and only at the location you chose when ordering.  We will not under any circumstances release product before its official date of release.

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